The invention of Clumsiness
Cabinet Magazine,, 2015
What happened when painters looked at photographed bodies for the first time?

On Jackie Saccoccio: Let’s Stay Lost
Eleven RIvington Gallery, 2014
Their staying power comes from an underlying suggestion of transience, and even threat.

Art in America, 2013
Richard Artschwager’s drawings changed my life.

On William Bailey: Mindmade Things
Betty Cuningham Gallery, 2012
Still-life painting as a form of extremism

Nutt Ideas
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago 2011
From the very beginning, pace Nutt, his paintings were full of ideas.

Maurezio Cattelan's Middle Finger
T magazine, October 2010

Kusama Dot Com
T magazine, March 2008
What not to ask Japan's Most Famous Artist

The Lost Photographs of Edouard Manet
Art in America , January 2007
Why did the young Manet choose an unusual kind of lighting?
And why did no one notice it for 100 years?

Carroll Dunham in Conversation
White Cube, London , 2006
“Dunham for Sheriff” pencils, and other odd revelations.

Susan Jennings: Near as Grass
gmodule, Paris , October 2006
Quick introduction to Jenning's videos and photographs

George Nick's Happiness
Tibor de Nagy, 2005
A fiercely sunny view of the world around us.

Philip Pearlstein's Fictions
Betty Cuningham, 2005
Irony, literalism, flamingoes: the recent work.

Christian Leigh
Artforum , March 2003
The case of the disappearing curator.

Ben Katchor
Artforum, December 2001
Katchor's “bialy-scented Brooklyn Brigadoon.”

Wolfgang Staehle
Artforum , November 2001
What happens when your live feed captures 9/11?

Elizabeth 's Murray 's Terrifying Terrain
ARTnews May 1998
Close reading a painting in the Met's collection.

Willem De Kooning: The Late Paintings
Slate 1997
The greatest “old age style” paintings ever.

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